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The Henna Artist

The Henna Artist opens a door into a world that is at once lush and fascinating,...
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Business women, Friend, or Both?

Created: 04/19/20

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Businesswoman, friend, or both?

As a henna artist, Lakshmi is invited into the homes of her clients, sometimes even into their most intimate spaces, such as bedrooms. She is there to provide a service, but she also sometimes acts as friend, counselor, matchmaker, confessor, and enabler.

Did watching Lakshmi take on all these different roles and scripts in the guise of serving as a henna artist ever make you feel uncomfortable? Did you feel she ever crossed an ethical line in her interactions? Or, did you believe her to be sincere in acting for the mutual benefit of herself and her employers?

How is the role of henna artist in 1950's high society Jaipur similar and different to the role beauticians, hairstylists, manicurists, and masseuses play in the United States today?

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RE: Business women, Friend, or Both?

I think all three. When one does a personal service such as hairdressing, massage or even being a tattoo artist you get to know your client. I don’t have a tattoo but having something put on your body that will last a lifetime must require a great deal of trust between the two parties.


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