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Tomlinson Hill

The Remarkable Story of Two Families who Share the Tomlinson Name - One White, ...
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Tomlinson Hill

Created: 08/16/14

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Tomlinson Hill

I found this book to be very informative and very well written regarding the plight of the Blacks in Texas in the plantation years and the post Civil War years. and on until the present. The South always has had and still retains much of the same slavery mentality that existed pre- CW. As one who lives in the Deep South, I do see this lack of respect for our fellow man to continue to this day in many areas.

Tomlinson has been very diligent in reporting statistics regarding the slow death of Southern animosity toward the former slaves. This animosity regarding slaves' rights post CW and into the present day are still very obvious in their presence. Separate but equal may have been the law post CW but subtle pockets of the pre-CW attitude still remain. It is unfortunate to note how these problems are manifest as we watch and read the daily news of our time. Can we not just put the shameful history behind us and move on.


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