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I am new here.

Created: 04/29/11

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I am new here.

Hello Everyone...

I have been searching for an online "book talk" forum and I am hoping to join you from
time to time.

Having read some of your posts, it sounds like I found the right place.


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RE: I am new here.

Hi Barbara,

Delighted to meet you. BookBrowse has been online for years (almost too many to admit to - but to give you a clue, when I started it, we were agonizing over preschool choices for our children and now college is looming!) but this new section, BookTalk, is just starting out and, while we have an idea of the sort of discussions I hope we'll be having, we are more than open to hearing ideas from visitors, so if you have a topic you'd like to discuss please do feel free to open a new discussion, as you have here!


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