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In the Shadow of the Banyan

A hauntingly powerful novel imbued with the devastation of monumental loss and...
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Papa's Guilt-Ridden Flashback

Created: 06/04/13

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Papa's Guilt-Ridden Flashback

When Papa is 37 years old when he tells Raama the true and entire marble game story (Page 104). This is younger than the age at which most people become reflective and analytical about choices and actions in their lives. Why has Pap chosen THIS moment to tell his daughter the haunting truth?
Did this scene remind others (as it did me) of scenes from Khaled Hosseini's Kite Runner? Particularly the scene where Amir does not step in to stop the brutal attack and rape of his friend Hassan.

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RE: Papa's Guilt-Ridden Flashback

Rebeccar I am glad you brought this up. I had not remembered that story and I think it has some significance. I think that the story was told to Raami to hopefully give her something to help her understand the action he felt he had to take in giving himself over to the Organization. She was probably way to young to grasp that at the time but since she was a child who loved and remembered stories I think he hoped that she would benefit and understand his intent in the future.

Also appreciated your reference to a similar scene in the Kite Runner because it was a similar scene and one that Amir regretted and had to live with for the rest of his life.

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RE: Papa's Guilt-Ridden Flashback

I agree that Papa had to give Raami some explanation to help her understand his leaving to join the Organization. His leaving tore them both apart, but he needed to give her something to help her move forward.

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RE: Papa's Guilt-Ridden Flashback

Yes. Father had to explain to Raami why he was joining the Organization. In telling a story, it hopefully made it simpler for her to understand the reason.


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