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Was it fate?

Created: 02/03/18

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Was it fate?

Like the title of the novel, Christina Olsen became a piece of the world when she became the muse of the painter Andrew Wyeth. Call it destiny or a perverse twist of karma, Christine was denied a fulfilling personal life but has become an iconic figure in the world of art. How does knowing her story change the way you look at Wyeth’s painting?

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RE: Was it fate?

I wasn’t a fan of this book, so I don’t buy into that this was the story of Christina’s life. If and when I look at the painting again, I don’t expect to think of the character in this book.

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RE: Was it fate?

I didn't love the novel either... but I feel that the story as told indicated that Christina's choices were very much what made her life as it was. Her life had the potential to be so much different, especially as a child if she would have made different choices OR if different choices (to follow through with seeking a doctor's help) would have been made for her.
Then, again, if the father had agreed to sell the house, or if he hadn't foolishly blown his life savings, were other choices that could have shaped their lives.


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