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Scent of Triumph

A haunting, multilayered historical romance
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Scent of Triumph

Created: 05/11/15

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Scent of Triumph

I wonder how other people felt about this book. I have some thoughts about it. First, I gave it a 3, I thought it was just okay. Second, I had some trouble with her duties at work. It seemed to me she had a lot of work, it appeared as if it took no time at all. I found this somewhat unbelievable. The tasks she undertook would take a much longer time. Therefore I felt the story was a little unrealistic.

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RE: Scent of Triumph

I actually read SCENT OF TRIUMPH when it was originally released as an ebook a few years ago (I was wondering why the synopsis rang so many bells for me). I would have found the story to be more believable if Danielle had stuck to perfumery and expanded into bath and beauty products, but to start in perfumery and then expand into apparel design AND excel at operating a music production company seemed a bit far-fetched. I could appreciate Danielle's tenacity of spirit and work ethic, but she came across as a mythic "wonder woman" more so than a woman struggling to survive.

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RE: Scent of Triumph

I agree with the posts above. I thought Danielle did have spirit, was smart and knew the ethic of hard work. It just seemed too far fetched to have the stars always align at some point. Pieces of the story were believable, there were just too many coincidences for my liking.

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RE: Scent of Triumph

I felt exactly the same way. The piling up of coincidences would have caused me to stop reading except that I had agreed to participate in this book discussion. The part where Heinrich actually manages to send Nazi soldiers to the US to kill Danielle and then comes over himself was absolutely over the top. While I generally enjoyed the character of Danielle, the coincidences and ridiculousness of the Nazi part ruined the book for me.

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RE: Scent of Triumph

I also gave the book three stars. It got a little boring to me because it was predictable. I agree that she was too successful immediately at everything she tried. I liked the way the author incorporated the events in Europe with the rising fear anxiety in the U. S.

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RE: Scent of Triumph

I really enjoyed the book but did have to set aside a few things in order to really enjoy it. Actually it reminded me of Danielle Steel's books but with more meat to it. Rich, beautiful woman loses everything. Rescued by handsome man. Someone mentioned the timeline of the story. She did accomplish a bit too much in such a short time span.

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RE: Scent of Triumph

I gave the book a 3. I don't like having to suspend disbelief throughout a book. Getting out of France when it was nearly impossible at that time. Being an immigrant and so easily immersed in American culture seemed very unlikely also. The lightening speed of her success in her business. She had nothing and the next thing you know she is marrying a movie star. Heinrich being so obsessed with her and killing her husband and mother-in-law because she ruined his family by being a Jew. Taking time off from being a German Officer so he could travel (how did he get in?) to America to kill her. The book was total fantasy and I was disappointed in it.


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