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Second half of the book

Created: 09/04/14

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Second half of the book

Did anyone else find that the second half of the book was stronger than the first? I enjoyed this book, but felt like it was long in the middle. The strongest parts of the book were the Sophie's choice that Isaac faced, the revealing of the family history, and the forgiveness in the end. They were strong for me because they told a clear story. I enjoyed the romance piece of the story, but it felt like a forced Great Gatsby moment. (The rich are unaware of their own privilege such that they destroy more than they 'fix').

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RE: Second half of the book

I agree that the middle section of the book seemed to drag at times. The opening (introducing the Jewish enclave setting and the use of dialect, Isaac's early schooling) was strong, and the last 100 pages or so were especially gripping as you see it all come together, but I was less interested in Isaac's work in the garages and the love story with Yvonne.

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RE: Second half of the book

I found that very true. I really struggled to maintain my interest in ---- probably the first third of the novel.
I love grand, sweeping, historical sagas, so the subject matter was not the problem. I don't feel like the editing was done as well in the first part of the book as in the last. Could have been a lot tighter in the first half. I thought the whole love story with Yvonne could have been more effective if placed more towards the end of the book and would have highlighted the racial differences a lot better. It was pretty unbelievable that her upscale family would have ALLOWED her as a young student to date a working man, especially during that era.

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RE: Second half of the book

Great Question! I didn't think I could finish this book until I got 2/3 of the way in. At that point I really saw a point in the story and I liked it. But at the beginning, too much description of Issac's work and way too much of Yvonne. Issac's angst with Yvonne was tedious to read.


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