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How to Tell Toledo from the Night Sky

A powerful reinvention of the love story - sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes ...
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Created: 07/01/14

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What do you think of Irene's relationship to Belion? Was it realistic that Irene could not connect sexually with anyone but George. George went about searching for his soulmate testing out brunettes.

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RE: Belion

Belion is an interesting but neglected character. As a gamer/game tester, he makes his living in the world of modern-day fantasy that computer games create. It's true that Irene couldn't relate to him or anyone sexually before George, but in many ways Belion seemed not to be a part of the "real" world. He does fit well into the predominant atmosphere of fantasy that so much a part of this novel. The parallel between the world of the games and the world of dreams is one of the things that makes the novel provocative.

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RE: Belion

I think it is reasonable that Irene could not connect physically with anyone before George. It seems Belion was just a space saver for Irene. He tolerated her neurosis and was more occupied with gaming than with Irene - it was the only match either seemed able to commit to at the time.

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RE: Belion

It was hard for me to understand how Irene could be attracted to Bellon in any way. Perhaps that was the point. She didn't want to risk getting close to anyone and Bellon offered no temptation whatsoever.

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RE: Belion

It was a strange relationship. Why would a man stay with a woman who would not have sex with him? They were 2 people who found each other even though both of them had their own issues. He lived in a fantasy world, and she lived in a world of science and denial. Very odd!

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RE: Belion

I agree with Sandra54 and Melindah--Irene and Belion were well-suited for that moment in their lives. Both were inaccessible, just marking time until the "real" one came along.
I loved it that Irene mistakingly thought Belion had planted the marriage proposal in the tulip bed!! Great tie-in!!


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