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2015 Wordplay Winners

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2015 Wordplay Winners

Big Holiday Wordplay 2014
Heather M, Auburn, IL
Christopher R, Brooklyn, NY
Julie C, Lebanon, NH
M Arnold, Warner, NH
Sally W, Los Angeles, CA

F A C Starve A F
Raymond G, West Los Angeles, CA

H I T Best P
Audrey L, Bloomington, MN

C T T Chase
Linda H, Tomball, TX

N Say N
Vanessa S, Rancho Santa Fe, CA

A T I A Teapot
Kara S, Farmington, MI

Like M, L D
Elaine B, Vero Beach, FL

K M F Crossed
Patricia D, Woodland Hills, CA

T A Doesn't F F F T T
Janet Johnson, NY, NY

L Said, S M
Eileen Adams, Chicago, IL

Pull Y U B T B
Suzanne R, Miami, FL

Y A B Up T W T
Bonnie J, Farmers Branch, TX

Don't S I O T D
Sandra C, Seattle, WA

I Y Can't S T H, G O O T K
Katherine P, Post Mills, VT

Let's G T S O T R
Gloria F, York, PA

I A J I W D, I I Worth D W
Elizabeth V, Bruce, MI

T S's T Limit
Toni G, Memphis TN

[b]P U or S U /b]
Alice R, Las Vegas, NV

N S Like S
Shirley Y, Bala Cynwyd, PA

T O T W H T F is F I
Sandra S, Chicago, IL

T E B Catches T W
Melissa K, Spokane, WA


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