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Words to live by

Created: 08/30/22

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Words to live by

My notes for this book kept growing. One recurring thought was WISDOM, both life-learned and thoughts passed down from generation to generation. Who exhibited wise thoughts/guidance?

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RE: Words to live by

"It's easy to waste a lot of time trying to think of a perfect solution to a problem. But sometimes the only thing you can do is cross your fingers and have a go."

These were Jan's words when she was encouraging Hubert to reach out to Gus.

Rarely do we know the ideal solution to a dilemma, but making the effort to mitigate the dilemma usually will help lead us to improve the situation.

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RE: Words to live by

“Extraordinarily things can happen to ordinary people like you and me, but only if we open ourselves up enough to let them.”

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RE: Words to live by

I did not find as many "words " to live by in this book as "themes" that made me stop still and examine my own beliefs and actions. There is a long list that I jotted down in the back of the book as I read. The commitment and hard work necessary in a long relationship, mental illness and dementia, interracial dating and marriage, immigration, drugs and addiction, overt and hidden racism, caretaking, successful aging, death and grief and community. All current issues in our society and our families. It is a book written to be discussed by any Book Club.


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