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"Cartwheel will upend you; rarely does a novel this engaging ring so true.
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Cover design.

Created: 10/10/13

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Cover design.

What do you think of the cover design of the book? Why the bird and radiating lines? How does this relate to the story?

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RE: Cover design.

The book I received was very, very plain: advance reader's edition. But of course I've seen the final edition and think the bird is freedom and represents Lily caught in the spinning cartwheel that became her nemesis during her interrogation.

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RE: Cover design.

I agree with Suzanne's interpretation of the cover. I'm not a huge fan of it though. Unless it was recommended to me I would never pull it from a library or bookstore shelf based on that cover.

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RE: Cover design.

I bought this book and did not receive an advanced edition. I do not particularly find the cover appealing. If I had walked past this book in the book store and had not read any reviews recommending it, I am not sure I would have been interested.


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