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Discuss A Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra:
Sonja's Motivation

Created: 03/03/14

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Denise B-K

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Sonja's Motivation

At the beginning of chapter 2: "Within days after the proposal of the Khasavyurt Peace Accord, Sonja broke up with her Scottish fiancé, resigned from her residency at the University College Hospital, and sat through connecting flights from London to Warsaw to Moscow to Vladikavkaz."

What motivated Sonja, a Russian, to leave her future in London to go to Cheznya?

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RE: Sonja's Motivation

She was returning to her homeland to connect with her sister, Natasha.

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RE: Sonja's Motivation

Sonja's motivation seemed the hardest to follow in this book. Perhaps its her need for affirmation from family i.e. her homeland that she belonged somewhere. The traumas of not feeling loved in one's childhood seemed to be her biggest preoccupation, despite the strength in her character. Sonja felt neglected as a child when compared to her parents glowing encouragement of her younger sister...Although Natasha did not fare well emotionally despite that perceived advantage, Sonja seemed to look for that missing element throughout the book. The ending is very poignant and Sonja having come to terms with her life and love is very gratifying.

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RE: Sonja's Motivation

I'm also unclear on her motivation. In many ways she seemed a "cold fish", and had conflicting emotions regarding Natasha. But, she did eventually seem to care.


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