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Circle of Friends

Created: 09/15/15

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Circle of Friends

Do you have a group of friends who have been a constant presence in your life? How important is it to to have people who know you so well and still love you anyway?

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RE: Circle of Friends

I do. There is one woman who's been my friend for over 65 years. But many of my friends are long term, 50 years or more. I have a small handful of friends from recent years who know me on a very different plain than my older friends. I cherish them all and put real effort into maintaining all my friendships because it is critical to good mental and emotional health to have friends. They continually enrich life.

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RE: Circle of Friends

Yes, but I have been forced to enlarge my circle because those I have known for 70 years or so are dying off.

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RE: Circle of Friends

I've moved quite often throughout my life and have no friends from early childhood. The earliest friend who lives distant dates from the first day of junior high school. There are a scant handful from high school, a few more from college, then dear, close friends who are ever cherished despite distance. I have made some nice newer friends since our final move. They all enrich my life.

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RE: Circle of Friends

I still have a couple of friends from the early years (grade school and high school), but we don't see each other often. High school and college reunions remind me of Florence's get-togethers with her friends to some extent, but they are infrequent. My bridge buddies of 20 years are probably closer to the kind of friends Florence got together with on a regular basis. I have another group of good friends from church, some of whom I've known for 33 years, but we have a different kind of closeness.

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RE: Circle of Friends

My experience has been that as we age our situations change, possibly our locations. I personally only see the friends from school at reunions, etc. However, my husband's class has remained quite close and in fact has breakfasts together (those in our area) every other month. I feel closer to them. The new friends you make in retirement as you change locations for a season are the ones you spend time with now. At this point we all have similar interests and have more time to spend together then when you are working full time.


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