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Almost dying

Created: 12/05/16

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Almost dying

How do you think having the gun pointed at Paula in the pool hall by Oakleigh's husband became a pivotal changing point for Paula?

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RE: Almost dying

That would be a turning point for anyone and it was like a wake up call for Paula.

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RE: Almost dying

Traumatic life events can change opinions and goals, and facing your death in a seedy alley behind a car obviously put all sorts of things in perspective for Paula. One minute she thought she was really cool for flirting dangerously with someone who seemed a little suspicious, and now that stranger could end her life. She HAD to have had a wake up call.

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RE: Almost dying

I agree wholeheartedly with rebeccar, Paula needed and had to have a wake up call if this story was to end in the right direction. Paula was too sure of herself when it came to "hook-ups" and she needed a wake up call.Funny as the scene began the first person I thought of was Clark and I was right on target.


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