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This superb historical novel explores what freedom means for a young Black woman...
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Overall, what do you think...?

Created: 04/07/22

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RE: Overall, what do you think...?

I did not enjoy this book as a whole. Each segment had interesting elements to it but there were so many threads that did not weave into a complete picture of a young woman in the 1860'ish era - Very important story lines (to me) were glossed over with a 1 or 2 line comment: for example when a character evidently died. She's sick; she died; basically nothing although I thought this character was an important character that warranted at least some attention at her end.
Libertie is not a character that I felt anything for - I tried to see her as child who's mother was cold, harsh, skillful doctor with high ambitions for her young child. Maybe there's kinda a bit of child abuse in Cathy's refusal to give Libertie some affection & motherly love. I think Libertie is searching for that love &I acceptance in many places: Ben Daisy, The Graces & Emmanuel; however each of these attempts is not well developed & the reader is jerked around from one idea to another.
I did not believe Emmanuel & Libertie's relationship as written. Again just thrown out there but glossed over.
Reviewers say it's a book about freedom: but freedom from what...
I would not recommend this book - before I read it, I did recommend my friend read it & she liked the historical aspects of it. There was so much potential here that was left on the cutting room floor. Sorry about that.

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