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Queen's Gambit

"A superbly written novel... Fremantle is surely a major new voice in historical...
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Good Historical fiction

Created: 09/09/13

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Good Historical fiction

Good historical fiction has a balance between true life events and fiction. Do you think this novel succeeded in balancing the two?

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RE: Good Historical fiction

Yes it does. The author does a great job of making us feel we are in that time period.

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RE: Good Historical fiction

I believe so. I recently read Hilary Mantel's chronicles of Henry and his first three wives. Those novels were highly detailed, but told the stories primarily for Cromwell's point of view. It was interesting reading this novel from the Queen's perspective. It seems like the research was quite good and the fiction was mostly believable.

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RE: Good Historical fiction

I haven't had the opportunity to research Katherine, unfortunately. I'd love to know what's real and what's fiction.

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RE: Good Historical fiction

This is fantastic Historical fiction. I am one of those people who is fascinated by the Tudor Period, particularly Henry VIII and his wives. I have read a lot about Katherine Parr and his other wives (as well as about Elizabeth I) so this book for me was historical fiction at its best, I could read it and say yes that happened, yes that probably happened and then good job of filling in details where this may not have happened but this is really interesting.

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RE: Good Historical fiction

Yes. This book was very good in taking me back to the era of Henry VIII. Katherine's feeling, thoughts, and actions around her were well conveyed. I enjoyed it very much.


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