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Queen's Gambit

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Dot's story

Created: 09/09/13

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Dot's story

Do you think that the inclusion of Dot's story along with Katherine's weakened or strengthened the story?

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RE: Dot's story

It gave the story another facet. Dot acted as a mirror of the goings on in the castles generally. Katherine would not have been wandering around the kitchens, stables, etc., so having Dot in the story made it more interesting. It also helped show the human side of Katherine.

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RE: Dot's story

I truly enjoyed the character of Dot and although I have read about Katherine Parr in other stories, I had never heard about Dorothy Fountain/Fownten. She brought another element to the book, as an outsider seeing what the court life was really like. I felt it strengthened the story because she was in a sense like the reader at the beginning, watching all of these things play out-learning about the intrigues and calculated games to gain power and position. She helped draw the reader in.

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RE: Dot's story

I agree with Sylviaj. Dot is likely pure fiction but allows the author to give us a great deal of interesting and useful information about Parr and the world she inhibited. Also a fascinating glimpse into the world of those a few rungs down the social ladder from Parr.

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RE: Dot's story

I think Dot's story enriched the novel and gave the reader insight into the behind the scenes activities. If there weren't an actual Dot, I bet there were characters similar to her. She helped move the story along and provided interesting insights to life at court.

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RE: Dot's story

I felt that Dot's story strengthened the narrative. It was a behind-the-scenes peek at the Tudor court and Dot also served as something of a Greek chorus for the Queen. In many ways she saw people more truly how they were than the Queen did. Plus her parallel search for love was a nice touch.


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