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The Things They Carried

The classic, ground-breaking meditation on war and the redemptive power of ...
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The things we all carry.

Created: 04/21/20

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The things we all carry.

While I find this book difficult to read I am continuing with a few comments because his writing is very descriptive and I found several comments interesting which I will write here.

1. Don't make war without knowing why. A very good reason!!!

I was interested in finding out what the men carried. It was all different and seemed to have personal reasons.

2. Often they carried each other. Something we all do at times in our life.

3. Not lonely, just alone.

4. Things they carried to some extent by superstition.

5. Often they carried each other.

6. They were afraid of dying but even more to show it.

I found so many great phrases in this book that i have copied them down in my own journal and will continue to read this book because it touched my heart.


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