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Visible Empire

An epic novel—based on true events—of love, grief, race, and wealth.
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"Aha Moments" for the book's title

Created: 08/26/19

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"Aha Moments" for the book's title

When Ed Klein escorted Coleman and Robert into a room with soaring ceilings and "gold and crystal furnishings," this was an obvious example of part of the VISIBLE EMPIRE. Were there any other moments that stood out to you, whether moments of the "haves" like Ed or the "have-nots" like Piemont, who are not part of Atlanta's visible empire?

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RE: "Aha Moments" for the book's title

Definitely when Coleman and Robert showed up at nearly 1:00 in the morning with a briefcase full of cash to buy a plane! I also thing Raif being able to make all of Lily's financial woes go away was a sign of the "Visible Empire". I have struggled in the past with being able to loan a friend $20 without worrying whether I will ever see it again. Raif didn't even bat an eye at paying off Lily's family home AND covering all incoming and past due bills!

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Besides what acstrine said above, with which I agree, the book's title struck me from the beginning as appropriate--it was a very "visible empire" kind of thing that all these prominent Atlantans could afford to go on such an expensive--even in 1962--European jaunt. I think of people who can do that today as being so much richer than me and my crowd that "empire" is a fitting word for them. I'm not envious, just realize that Fitzgerald was right, "The rich are different from you and me."


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