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A Man Called Ove

Created: 07/02/15

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A Man Called Ove

Have you read Fredrik Backman's previous novel, "A Man Called Ove"? If so do you see any similarities in characters or themes with this book? Likewise compare/contrast the characters in both books. Are the characters in one book or the other more sympathetic or relatable?

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RE: A Man Called Ove

I have read the book and liked it a lot. Granny is like Ove in that she is a bit set in her ways, unconventional cantankerous and unwilling to change. Granny was very close to Elsa and treated her differently than others. There was a little neighbor girl in A Man Called Ove that worked her way into his heart as well.

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RE: A Man Called Ove

I read "A Man Called Ove" and loved the characters. I didn't care for the characters in this book, though. I thought both the girl and grandmother were overdone to the point of being obnoxious.

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RE: A Man Called Ove

I loved A Man Called Ove - we are reading it next month for one of my book clubs. I thought the characters were believable and memorable. I thought about the story for weeks after finishing the book. Ove was a character who changed as the story developed. Having neighbors who accepted his ways and overlooked his difficult behavior helped change him from a curmudgeon to a helpful caring person.

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RE: A Man Called Ove

I immediately saw similarities between the two books. Both began very slowly and then take off. There was an Audi in each book. Ove lived in a subdivision or condo type of residence and Elsa lived in an apartment type house. Ove and Granny were well up in years and both wise and cynical but with big hearts. The little girl in Ove's life and Elsa were both very similar in respect to both being very smart and both believing in the older person's goodness.


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