A Dozen of the Best Poetry Websites

In recognition of National Poetry Month (celebrated in April in the USA, UK and Canada), here are a dozen of the best poetry resources the web has to offer.

But first, who reads poetry these days?


Information is Beautiful!

Who among us doesn't suffer from information overload? But information can and should be a beautiful thing, and no where is it displayed more beautifully than at informationisbeautiful.net created by David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer whose passion is visualizing large quantities of information with nary a boring Powerpoint chart to be found!

Here are some of my favorites. Click on the image to go to the original post which usually includes the sources used to create the chart.


Holt Uncensored

Pat HoltIf you're looking for a blog that will keep you up to date with the big publishing picture without inundating you with an excess of posts, may I recommend Holt Uncensored, penned by the seemingly indomitable publishing insider and independent bookstore advocate Pat Holt. While many blogs deliver regular snack-sized posts that rarely offend and can be read, and often forgotten, in a minute or two, Pat Holt saves her energies for a once a month post that is always substantial and always opinionated.


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