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I used to think that participation in public library book groups would be somewhat transient--people would drop in for a few months while they decided if they liked the concept, at which point they'd go off and join a private group, or start their own.

How wrong I was!

One of the core findings of our recently released report on the dynamics of book groups: The Inner Lives of Book Clubs, is how much people love their library book groups and how loyal they are to them.

  • Statistically speaking, there is barely a difference between happiness in public groups compared to private ones: 95% of those in public book clubs (most of which meet in libraries) say they are happy in their group: 71% are very happy, 24% somewhat happy.
  • 69% of those in public groups say their book club is "very important" to them--the exact same percentage as in private groups.
  • 57% of respondents in public book clubs (most of which meet in libraries) have been with their group at least five years!

The research also shows that public library book clubs are a great fit for many who are looking to join a book group. For example:


I find this article fascinating, and in fact, the entire report you have written on the "dynamics of book groups." What a tremendous undertaking- to discover the "core findings" of this report must have been - but how interesting and valuable the findings you have shared. The BBC interview was so exciting to listen to, but just the creation of this idea - discovering the nuts and bolts of book clubs - just fantastic. And how you managed to do this and at the same time produce this wonder book link with all its ingenious components simply blows my mind - but know that I am truly and deeply grateful to you. It is like having a librarian at my disposal 24/7. Add to that my now true interest in joining a book club - and a public library book club at that! Blessings to all of you holding down the fort at BookBrowse - you are a real gift to readers everywhere!
# Posted By Susie J | 8/29/19 2:46 AM
Thank you Susie!
# Posted By Davina - BookBrowse | 8/30/19 10:45 AM
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