It's time again for our annual look at upcoming movies based on books, so you're in the know and ahead of the crowd - whether you intend to see the films or not! We've corralled 23 films releasing in the next six months, and the books they are based on; and a further 45+ in development. If we've missed any, or you have updated information, please do post at the bottom.

First published in Sept 2017, updated to add even more upcoming movies based on books, in Nov 2017



The Man Who Invented Christmas, based on Les Standiford's book about Charles Dickens and the creation of A Christmas Carol, opens November 24.

Call Me by Your Name, based on the novel by André Aciman, opens November 24.
# Posted By Davina | 11/16/17 8:54 AM
Also, Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood, now on Netflix as a series.
# Posted By Marilyn Lott | 11/16/17 2:28 PM
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