The Romance ReaderLooking for a book with Jewish content for the teenager in your life? Chances are most of the books you'll find are about the Holocaust. From The Diary of Anne Frank to Sarah's Key to The Book Thief there's endless titles for the teenage (and adult) to choose from. Holocaust stories, despite the horror, make gripping tales of survival. But isn't it all too much? All these Holocaust books can overwhelm a reader. Is there nothing else in Jewish history or culture worth reading about, other than the Holocaust? What about the other centuries of Jewish history, ripe for historical fiction? What about the myriad of stories about contemporary Jewish teens? Where are those books? Well, if you're like me and you've had it with Holocaust tales, here are my top ten Jewish books (in no particular order) for teens and young adults, and the young at heart.

-- Leanne Lieberman


In olden days I was a college freshman English teacher, and the texts we taught from had excellent short writings. I remember, for example, Alfred Kazin's piece tltled, "Kitchen", and his mother's "weltschmerz", if I'm remembering the spelling right. I hope such works of deep feeling, and "how it was back then", have not been buried by now.
# Posted By Richard Lee Van Der Voort | 5/14/13 8:25 PM
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