In recognition of National Poetry Month (celebrated in April in the USA, UK and Canada), here are a dozen of the best poetry resources the web has to offer.

But first, who reads poetry these days?


Thank you Davina, for this great list. One website I could recommend is Ivan Granger's Poetry Chaikhana - www.
# Posted By Marguerite Theophil | 4/4/13 10:02 PM is slightly different poetry website. It focuses mainly on 'very short' poems that you can share via twitter and sms. Soall poems are less than 160 characters. Check it out here...
# Posted By LA | 5/7/13 10:16 AM
A poetry website that I love is:

You can post your own poetry, get feedback, and also read other people's poetry as well!
# Posted By Ashley | 4/23/16 2:02 PM
The Poetry Foundation website is an incredible resource and I would like to echo your sentiment on it Davina; sometimes minutes become hours very quickly once you start browsing it!

Regarding the sites for writing poetry, I would like to suggest Forage Poetry Forum as a most worthy alternative to the two listed, particularly for those seeking constructive critique. The standard of feedback is high, yet the atmosphere remains supportive.
# Posted By Michael Rush | 8/22/16 12:05 PM
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