Here are a dozen recommendations for your book club to read in 2014. All have already published in hardcover and ebook, and all will publish in paperback between January and April 2014.

In order to decide which are right for your book club, you can browse an excerpt of each and a range of review opinion. In addition, most have a handy printable reading guide.

Thanks for reading!

Davina, BookBrowse Editor


Davina: Great List! Gone Girl and Z are both huge favorites among my book clubs, while others such as Behind the Beautiful Forevers and The Painted Girls were already on my TBR list—but perhaps need to be pulled to the top... And, of course, I always learn of new titles from you that MUST be added. This time it’s Above All Things and The Fever Tree. Thanks for keeping us book nerd informed! Cheers!
# Posted By Book Club Cheerleader | 1/4/14 11:36 AM
Always good to hear from you Book Club Cheerleader :)
# Posted By Davina Witts | 1/4/14 5:24 PM
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