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Once again I begin my New Year's resolutions with the promise, "I will not buy more books than I can read" (followed by the corollary, "I will buy just one book at a time"). Once again, I suspect I'll fail.

Ever since the fourth grade (don't ask), books have been a refuge for me. Each one represents a new world or adventure, my own little escape pod from the traumas of the day. Books call to me as I stroll the bookstore aisles, unable to resist their alluring covers and captivating premises. How can I possibly leave one of these unexplored worlds sitting, unread, on a shelf at my bookstore?

I very nearly achieved my goal last year, but that was the result of another New Year's resolution: "I will not buy books; I'll get them from the library." This worked well for awhile. After all, the public library is a book hoarder's dream! All those books, just sitting there waiting patiently to be read! It's kind of like having a massive, unlimited book shelf. Of course, this only worked for so long. As my on-hold list continued to grow, so did my frustration. I found myself waiting months for a book I really wanted to read, only to have it become available at the exact same time as five or six OTHER books I just "had" to read. I eventually decided I had enough frustration in my life, and went back to simply buying books.

My family refuses to enable my habit. Every year they ask me what I'd like for Christmas. I always reply that I'd adore a gift certificate for a book store, yet somehow I never find one in my stocking. While I love my relatives and appreciate their thoughtfulness, I'm never sure what message they're trying to send by giving things like cook store gift certificates. (I know how to use my can opener. Mostly. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to get a fancier can opener, or if they're hinting I should take lessons, probably the latter. But I digress...)

My new toy hasn't helped matters, either. I purchased a Sony eBook Reader earlier this year, promising myself that I'd stick to my one-book-at-a-time rule. That lasted about a month. (Could I help it that several of the books on my "to be read" list went on sale?) The really cool thing, though, is that although I'm back to my old ways, no one knows it! I now have the technology to smuggle hundreds of books into the house without detection.

Oh well. I suppose there are worse addictions.

Can you comment on the benefits and problems of the Sony eReader versus the Amazon Kindle? Their prices are comparable and both out of my price range right now ( like you, my Christmas gift hints fell on deaf ears), I'm working on Mother's Day. Thanks, Lynda
# Posted By Lynda East | 1/6/09 1:55 PM
Hi Lynda,
Kim's going to get back to you straight away by email with her top line thoughts - so that you don't have to wait for an answer. Then, sometime soon, she plans on posting a blog entry on the topic of the Kindle vs Sony Reader vs other options.
Very best
# Posted By Davina | 1/7/09 6:57 PM
i totally identify with kim kovacs comments about her e-reader. am patiently i i waiting for my NOOK, which i have re-named stella, in honor of marlon marlon brando--i also tried getting books from the library,but,as kim pointed out, that doesn't work-----i laffed out loud at her comment about how she can now smuggle in books,unbeknownst to anyone!!-i love my REAL books, but at 1,140+, it's time to get real, and go the e-reader way.
# Posted By donna nueva | 1/8/10 3:47 PM
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