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Enrique's Journey

By Sonia Nazario

Enrique's Journey
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  • Hardcover: Feb 2006,
    320 pages.
    Paperback: Jan 2007,
    336 pages.

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JP (01/06/12)

Enrique's Journey
My daughter was required to read this book for school, so I read it after she started asking me questions. It is clearly a sad story much less so when you know that illegals cost taxpayers over 100 billion a year. I wonder how much the open borders lobby paid Nazario to write this book.
"Wick" (01/29/11)

Distortions and Phony informaton.
On Wednesday 26 January, 20011; I attended a lecture at a local college by Sonia Nazario.

Thinking I new what to expect I failed to read up on her and her writings and exploits.

For the entire lecture Ms. Nazario murdered the meaning of the English Language and out and out lied to the audience which pitifully enough included a college class.

For starters she noted that traffic stops in Arizona for no tail lights amounted to "Racial Profiling" though noting that documented as well as un-documented drivers were stopped; quite a leap in definitions. Tail light profiling equals Racial Profiling!

She noted that Mexican and other South American counties were thankful for the ease of illegal boarder crossings as it "Relieved the pressure on the governments; as if all those illegals (always spoke of as un-documented) would have stayed at home; conditions would have fermented and erupted to the point where reform would have been inevitable".

After an hour and a half of hearing Ms. Nazario contort and bash America; while claiming to have "left Argentina because they had no laws" (really; or was it they did not enforce their laws; like she wants America to not enforce our laws?) and coming to America and noting she respect for Laws implicitly just not the Laws we have here in America.

I finally lost my cool when Ms. Nazario stated: "It is even to the point that the U.S. Military can not meet their recruiting goals and are after immigrants to enlist and die for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq". I called her on her lack of facts and distortions and I am sure that her research and fact checking on this and other items were equally as good as her Wrtting-Reporting on Enriques.

Ms. Nazario from her days in America of hiring an illegal Guatemalan to to be her housekeeper to making a bundle writing about supposedly poor un-documented individuals, and then coning various colleges into providing a form for her falsehoods and helping her make a bundle on her writings.

A key idea she proposed was Gang members who when coming here to America do not choose that way of life; it is their only choice. Also that Gang members should be given Preferred Class/Amnesty status due to their being killed if they return to their home land. That is what she calls doing The Humane things that America is supposed to be know for.

My question of her would be: How much of your earnings were and are being funneled to Enriques and his mother for providing her with the start of a padded and vivid hatred for America and a phony definition of the word and the law on "Immigration".

Oh and yes Ms. Nazario seems to think all these undocumented folks are brilliant and deserve not only free Primary and Secondary education here in America; but free College as well. To her I would say if she is a True lady of the world she would encourage these young George Washington's, Paul Revere's and Thomas Jefferson's to go back to their home countries for college, and change their counties to where un-documenteds are unnecessary.

Ms. Sonia Nazario is a phony!
Tom Armbruster (10/14/10)

Enriques Journey
Beware, "Enrique's Journey" is written in a journalistic style, not a literary one. What it does do, is to hammer and hammer -relentlessly- on day to day experiences of a seventeen year old poverty stricken boy, who feels he will find the meaning of his life by getting to his mother who left him at the age of five. Its up to you to determine whether he does or not. It also shows the unconscious need of all of us at an early age to gain the needed prompt affection and esteem only a parent can give. His mother has left her children to work in the U.S. and to send money "home," so her children will have a better life. The author leaves it up to you to decide if this ethic is the right thing to do. Although (her point of view is implied,) she leaves it up to you to decide what would be the right thing to do. It does not promote a certain political or ethical view point. It only tells a story, with granted, unpleasant, hard to stomach, graphic facts at times, but gives a personal -journalistic- account of what a child could go through when this kind of situation is handed to them, by no fault of their own. What would you do, relying solely on your own wits, no mentors, with next to no education, and no financial means to speak of? No right or wrong answer is implied here. The book is meant to initiate mature, genuine thought only. If action is taken, all the better. I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in the subject of man's inhumanity to man.
ramoin hyaybhubhb (05/03/10)

Enriques journey
This book is not great. As soon as I started reading it I got bored. It lost my interest. This book should had never been written or sold,
Sophia Bez (09/30/09)

The summary is more fascinating than the books itself
The story is heartwarming. And I was hooked, BUT then the writer tried to do her own thing and failed. The book turned into a bland narration. And I lost my interest halfway through the first chapter.
Legal_Ink (11/14/07)

Not a Simple Solution
Excellent, provocative reading! Enrique's Journey is a strong, and rightfully so, emotional appeal for all of us to share our humanity. Though Enrique's story surrounds his decision to come to the U.S., it really is about his slide into darkness, which he believes can be relieved only by the presence of his mother and her love, which he so strongly feels was taken away by her alleged 'abandonment' of him. His struggle to understand why engulfs his very existence, as he stops at nothing to regain that necessary affection and validation as a human being, regardless!
C++ (09/06/07)

Absolute Propaganda
This book should never have been published due to the simply fact that it has nothing to do with reality. The book focuses on this poor little family that could "never have been able to make it out of poverty" in the hope and aim to cause the reader to pity them; thus justifying the simple fact that they are breaking laws of two countries. It does not matter what you are doing, does the end ever justify the means? Because if you really believe that this is okay, then you are doing exactly what the Nazis did in WW2, or what the communists did during the time of the USSR. Anyone who reads this book needs to read Farenheit 451 to see what will happen if they continue to support books like this.
Christine Clapp (03/10/07)

Both heart wrenching and thought provoking
This book is about mothers who make the ultimate sacrifice - they leave their young kids in their home country where little kids are forced to work/beg so the family can maybe eat; they make an amazingly dangerous journey to a completely foreign land (US); they try to work as much as possible and live, yet send as much money as possible back home - all in hopes of keeping their kids in school so they have some possibility - maybe their only hope - of getting out of the utter poverty they live in. The tragedy of all this is that the moms almost never can afford to bring their kids to the US or to go back home, and, they usually "lose" the kids they left behind in the process. Those kids feel so abandoned and are so emotionally scarred by the experience they join gangs, get addicted to drugs, or get pregnant young - all undoing their "chances" their mom is working so hard for.The author asks - what would you do if your kids were starving, at this was the only perceived possibility for a better life for your kids? Could I envision myself doing whatever needs to be done so my kids could have better chances in life? What heart wrenching decisions these women are making. They have all my respect. I want to give this book as a gift to all my friends so they can know this side of the story and know these people's plight. And God strike me dead if I ever complain again about what I don't have - because we truly have it all.
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