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Inheritance, Book I

By Christopher Paolini

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  • Hardcover: Aug 2003,
    528 pages.
    Paperback: Apr 2005,
    500 pages.

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There are currently 296 reader reviews for Eragon
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Jack (04/10/06)

I really, really enjoyed this book. The reason I probably enjoyed it the most though, was probably the fact that I could compare all the characters from it to the characters from Star Wars. The plot and characters are basically the same. Eragon/ Luke, Brom/ Obi-wan, Arya/ Princess Leia (though Leia and Luke were brother and sister, and did not love each other like Eragon and Ayra), Galbitrox/ Darth Sidious, Morzan/ Darth Vader and the list goes on. People who say its copying Lord of the Rings though are just talking rubbish. Other than the Star Wars thing this was an inticing, well written book.
may (03/16/06)

1 more thing
I have 1 more thing to say something someone pointed out in a review was that being the first book in a trilogy the plot should unwind slower. First if you have read the only author better than paolini which is Tamora Pierce you should know that no plot can unwind to fast and also you should look at this if Paolini is writing a trilogy and his books are this thick are you suggesting he do twice the work so he can give people with a samller what should i say book sense to be nice time to catch up with the storyline? no Paolini wrote this for advanced readers who have a great book sense. but please don't let that scare you away from it. If you have a smaller... booksense... YOU read the book at a slower pace to alow your... booksense... time to register what you read. My booksense is huge when a character dies I can tell if it is real or not without any hints. If its real i'll cry and curse the author for getting rid of the character i loved. If it was fake and i don't know yet i will try without success and constantly curse the author until i find out the author didn't really kill them. Anyways what i'm saying is if you can't see a good piece of writing then leave it alone and don't criticise it please. Everytime i find a review that... makes me mad(i am being nice in my words i swear!!)... it drives me insane and i'll probably write a review dedicated to that one or others. Please those who don't like it leave it alone and go find something you do like because this book is a very good piece of writing. (the second one is just as good!)
annoyed360 MI (03/14/06)

This is one of the best books i have ever read, one because paolini keeps you spellbound by the action, and two because who doesnt love a book about dragons,war, and heros
St. Jimmy (03/09/06)

Read this
All books copy other books, all fantasys have elves, Dwarves, and dragons so why say its a copy. Eragon is closer to Dragon not Aragon all three of them have first diffrent letters and they sound different. This was a good Book and same is Eldest I give them both a five.
may (03/09/06)

this is for anyone who believes other than my rating
When I first got this book I read the prologe and put it away a was sorry. It seemed so stupid. I kept icting to read the rest though to understand what happened. I did and Paolini is one of the best authors ever. 2nd place beside Tamora Pierce. Eldset the second book in his Inheritance trilogy was just as good but it sucked about Eragons brother. About his originality. He may have used other fantasy books as a start but the plot is completely his own. I have read every fantasy book within my grasp and that accounts to over 500 books easily. Also Christophers publishing age doesn't matter. Its the fact that he put his heart and skill into creating his books. His grammar is spectacular and those who disagree couldn't see a good piece of writing if it was right under their noses. Clearly fantasy is not something you understand and neither is writing a fantasy plot that is completely original. There are hardly only any ideas left out there for people to pick up.
JD (02/26/06)

Give Eragon a Chance!
Everyone who is giving Paolini and Eragon a hardtime has a right to there opinon, but make sure your facts are correct. I have read more than a 15 reveiws that were 1 or 2 rateing and half the stuff they say is incorrect. If your going to say paolini copied all these works make sure it true cause alot of them i have seen are untrue and if you say the names are similar Ardwen lake and Arwen make sure there correct, but guess what they are just similar names and thats just it, similar they have nothing to do with eact other. Also, if you wanted to sue Paolini for haveing similar plots then you might as well sue every authors who has ever lived because you always will have similar ideas to who you like best. Why dont you try writing a book that orginal and hasnt been done. I have read most of the book yall think he copied off of and guess what you will only find similarites if your looking for them which means your just reading it to discredit the author which isnt the point. Eragon is one of the best books i have ever read. READ IT!!!!!!!
Ryan (02/26/06)

This book is a good action-adventure book full of suspense and battle sequenses.
Eragon has his best friend turned against him by King Galbatorix. Eragon is never sure of who he can trust and who he cant.
Jonas (02/13/06)

Very Intresting.
I found the book to be a very fun read. Did a good job of describing situations and have you itching for the next page. For a select few who decided to destroy the book and comment that it was to "LOTR" there have been many fantasy books before with elf, humans, and dwarfs. I do feel the book needed some tweaking and maybe a bit more work, but I feel for the age group he was aiming for he did an exceptional job. I feel for thoughts of you that didn't like the book you were more looking in the area of Adult novels.
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