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What about Amanda?

Created: 05/18/12

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What about Amanda?

"Too many good-byes lie ahead.... How many times will I have to say good-bye to you, only to have you reappear like some newly risen Christ. Yes, better to burn the bridge and prevent it from being crossed and recrossed until my heart gives out from sheer exhaustion" (p. 114). Do we learn something new about Amanda here? Does the statement relate to her final acts?

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RE: What about Amanda?

Duplicitous from the start, I was fooled by Amanda and it made the other (dysfunctional) characters more *endearing* in their own odd unlikable way. Great character mix.

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Ann S

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RE: What about Amanda?

In the end, maintaining control was of paramount importance to Amanda. This was apparent in several places and obviously came to a head resulting in her death. We all know people who like to be in control, but usually not to such extremes.

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RE: What about Amanda?

What she says in this quote shows the depth of love she felt for Jennifer. Not all of us could be so apparently cold-hearted but she's saying she feels the loss of her friend so greatly she can't bear to see how the disease has changed her into someone she doesn't even know. Amanda was a different sort of person, a very stoic woman who looked at things from a point of view so many of us wouldn't. I don't think she's all bad.

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RE: What about Amanda?

A wonderfully complicated character. Do we like her or dislike her? She really seemed to show both the both good and bad in people. She was community-minded and giving. But she was also manipulative, jealous, and vindictive.

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RE: What about Amanda?

It is Amanda's self-righteousness that I take objection to: her belief that she could be a better mother and role model for Fiona, that it is her responsibility as the moral superior to James and Jennifer and then Fiona to force them to do the right thing, the lengths she is capable of going to to get rid of a colleague she disapproves of. Jennifer tells Mark that Amanda is like an avenging angel then adds a more sinister image saying "She out vultures the vultures...She senses weakness and goes in for the kill."

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RE: What about Amanda?

Edie: you said what I couldn't put into words. Does her apparent jealousy of Jennifer's motherhood enter into it--I think so.

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RE: What about Amanda?

I thought this character was very confusing. It was awful the way she tried to steal Fiona.
The whole embezzling subplot made no sense to me. How would Fiona have been involved in it, and why would Amanda care so much about the issue.


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