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Cover art for paperback version

Created: 03/09/14

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Cover art for paperback version

I was quite taken with the cover art for the paperback version of this novel. Most authors have no say about covers that appear on their work. This cover is stunning in it's simplicity and weighted with meaning. The blue suitcase in sharp focus against a gray unfocused background is beautiful. Kudos to the artist and editor that chose it!!

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RE: Cover art for paperback version

The cover is appropriate to the story. My thoughts are that it is the blue suitcase hidden in the forest with very closeup snow flakes falling. The blue wasn't the shade I had in my mind so when I first looked at it I was too quick and didn't realize it was the suitcase. When I finally studied the picture during the end of chapter one, it was a smiling moment and I loved it! So, Beverly, I agree with you.

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RE: Cover art for paperback version

I often buy books because of the title, and or the artwork on the cover. This was a double bonus, Loved the title and the cover! The woods had the appearance of possibly snow but also gave the effect of an eerie celestial heavens. The combination of the two was perfect...


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