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[Couples] "who look the most alike report the happiest marriages."

Created: 01/18/14

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[Couples] "who look the most alike report the happiest marriages."

This statement by the author took me by surprise. She says:

"Most marriages exhibit homogamy - that is, partners tend to resemble each other in matters such as age, education, ethnicity, level of attractiveness and political ideology, and over time, as they influence each other (knowingly or not), spouses become even more alike."

She goes on to say that spouses influence each others' health to a large degree.

What do you think? Do you agree?

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RE: [Couples] "who look the most alike report the happiest marriages."

I very much agree with this! And sometimes the influence is not good. If one spouse is less active, I think that can negatively influence the other to be less physically active. I think couples should try to be more aware of how they are influencing each other and try very hard to inspire each other every day rather than share the negative.

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RE: [Couples] "who look the most alike report the happiest marriages."

I'm not sure, I definitely know couples that are very similar in those areas, but the majority of couples I know are different in big ways. My brother and sister in law are opposite ends of the political spectrum, and my parents' close friends are also completely opposite politically. My husband and I share some core political views, but some of the hot button topics we have very different stances on. I'm also friends with some couples where either the husband or wife is very overweight and the other is more active and works out or runs.

I do see where the influence could either help or hinder happiness. For example, if you are the overweight spouse and your active spouse influences you positively to become more active and lead a healthier lifestyle, that's a positive influence that could lead to more happiness in your life. But, on the other hand, if you are the active spouse and you let the less active spouse influence you to lead a more stagnant lifestyle and gain weight, that could negatively influence your life in an unhealthy way.

But, like jeanniet says, if you focus on trying to inspire each other, rather than let the negative spread, then it would lead to a happier life for both.


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