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2014 Wordplay Winners

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2014 Wordplay Winners

I I A Smoke A M

B A Rock A A H P
Ruth U, Rock Hill, SC

Keep Y S O
Grace W, Corona del Mar, CA

P T I Y Pipe A S I
Angela J, Highlands Ranch, CO

A Roads L T R
Laura R, Fresno, CA

E C H A Silver L
Priscilla M, Houston, TX

O O T F P, Into T F
Sylvia Swan, New York, NY

G M L or G M D
Raymond G, Los Angeles, CA

A F A H Money A S P
Morag Scott, NY, NY

O H Die H
Stephen O'Connell, Houston, TX

O T S O Giants
Nancy M, Hermitage, TN

I T T O A Eye
Gayla K, Rock Falls, IL

P Your O C
Julian T, Madison, WI

M T Cut O
Anita F-S, Clayton, MO

I A F Y Don't S, T, T A
Lynn J, McLoud, OK

L O Milk A H
Gerry D, Mount Laurel, NJ

H E A Bigger T H S
Lucy R, Las Vegas, NV

K U With T J
Caroline H, Austin, TX

It's N S O M N
Stephen B, Boise, ID

The Big Holiday Wordplay
Mary S, Bow, NH
Naomi M, New York NY
Barbara G, Brea, CA
Michael C, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


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