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The Wedding Gift
Based on real events, in which a man gifts his black daughter to his white...
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A solution to Clarissa's situation

Created: 09/25/13

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A solution to Clarissa's situation

Clarissa seems like a worldly girl. As such, would she have known about the various herbs that cause miscarriages. Why do you think she did not inquire of Sarah how to terminate the pregnancy or was she simply in denial that it could happen to her?

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RE: A solution to Clarissa's situation

In actuality Clarissa was not involved with the herbs; this seemed to be only the slaves' knowledge handed down many generations. I wonder in those days how often there were abortions--Sarah's pregnancy was terminated with a knitting needle after the herbs. The girls weren't close and Clarissa might not have thought to approach Sarah. Would have been a solution for sure.

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RE: A solution to Clarissa's situation

I suspect that maybe even Clarissa did not know the who the baby's father really was and yet I agree she would probably have benefited from aborting the baby no matter who the father was.

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How are Charles and Cornelius very different but very similar?

I reread parts of the book by reading it according to the speaker's chapters. So much was written online about the shocking ending regarding Clarissa's confession; however, I would like others opinions on Charles the brother of Cornelius. Since he owned Isaac, he did have the legal right to sell him out of state. I realize that he was publicly whipped because he was a returned runaway, but why do you think Charles simply decided to sell him out of the state. Most slaves would have been hung for glancing at a white woman. Mrs. Cromwell made Clarissa "turn the baby around" so she could see his face. It was obvious that he did not look like a Caucasian baby. The contents of the second paragraph in the letter from Mr. Cromwell to Cornelius is not revealed so we don't know what he claimed that Clarissa did that caused Theodora to collapse to the floor when she read it. Do you feel satisfied with the role of Charles and his treatment of Isaac at the end? What do you believe prompted Cornelius's granting freedom to the house slaves?


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