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2012 Wordplay Winners

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2012 Winners

Wordplay: O M A Well B H F A S A F A L
Jim E, Newport, NC

Wordplay: It's T E, S!
Rosa A, Glen Arm, MD

Wordplay: O M U T B, Dear F(Oct 2012)
Cynthia C, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

Wordplay: N I Certain B D A T (Oct 2012)
Marilyn H, Las Cruces, NM

Wordplay: O S D N Make A S (Sept 2012)
Janet Freeman, Madison, WI

Wordplay: G Moves I A M W (Sep 2012)
Marilyn H, Matthews, NC

Wordplay: O A W A A Prayer (Sep 2012)
Norma B, Wells, ME

Wordplay: H W H I Lost (Aug 2012)
Jennifer C, Madison, WI

Wordplay: H H N F Like A W S (Aug 2012)
John F, Humble, TX

Wordplay: G With T F (July 2012)
Jennifer F, Newport, RI

Wordplay: T Die W O B O (July 2012)
William Y, Lyncburg, VA

Wordplay: T H F Over or U H F Over (June 2012)
Joan B, Tacoma, WA

Wordplay: T Land I Y L (June 2012)
Joan W, St Petersburg, FL

Wordplay: S T Pass I T N (May 2012)
Bob S, Lawrenceburg, IN

Wordplay: P As Y G (Apr 2012)
Deborah B, Clinton Township, MI

Wordplay: I T G Thing S S B (Apr 2012)
Linda E, Canyon Lake TX

Wordplay: L A T W L W Y; W A Y W Alone (Mar 2012)
Ruth U, Rock Hill, SC

Wordplay: S T S From T G (Mar 2012)
Hannah B, Ridgefield CT

Wordplay: K Y N To T G (Mar 2012)
Evie L, EauClaire, WI

Wordplay: I T A V To R A C (Feb 2012)
Jennifer S, Boston, MA

Wordplay: O M's M is A M's P (Feb 2012)
Michael C, Nelson, BC, Canada

Wordplay: It's N W T P it's W O (Jan 2012)
Michael L, Camden, ME

Big Holiday Wordplay (Dec '11/Jan '12): $500 Value
Lucy B, Urbana, Ohio
Sue Z, Mooresville, NC
John F, Humble, TX
Valerie L, Stockton, CA
Suzy B, Dallas, TX


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