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Elizabeth's portrayal

Created: 09/04/13

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Elizabeth's portrayal

Elizabeth was often portrayed as manipulative and self-centered. How does this compare to other portrayals we have seen in movies or read in other books (fiction or non-fiction)? Does it ring true?

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RE: Elizabeth's portrayal

I felt sympathetic to Elizabeth. She had to fight to stay alive and with no one to love her. Katherine was certainly generous to her. The betrayal with Seymour was sad. Perhaps it set Elizabeth up never to marry.

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RE: Elizabeth's portrayal

Betrayal seemed to be very commonplace in those days. I think it is expected unfortunately. One did whatever it takes to get ahead. In Elizabeth's case, she was young and Seymour was very handsome.

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RE: Elizabeth's portrayal

I thought the portrayal was interesting. She was bolder than I had seen her portrayed before and more reckless. Her actions with Thomas Seymour were very dangerous. I was wondering if it didn't actually matter whether or not she was a virgin but only that she could claim to be. And no one would want to deny her virginity. Sometimes historical novels leave facts ambiguous. This novel didn't hedge when describing
Elizabeth's actions.

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RE: Elizabeth's portrayal

Elizabeth's portrayal seemed historically accurate and helped suggest the great queen she would become


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