Top 2015 Book Club Recommendations - Part 2

Looking for the perfect books for your book club to read this year and into 2016? Look no further!

In December last year we published the first half of our Top Reads for Book Clubs in 2015 list, covering books that had published (or were due to publish) in paperback from late 2014 to early 2015.

Now, here is part 2 - with the very best book club reads from Spring to Fall 2015. All books are available in paperback and ebook. All received 5 star reviews from BookBrowse, and almost all have reading guides.

Of course, these aren't just for book clubs, they make great reading for all who enjoy well written books that provoke good conversation, and tell you things about this wonderful world of ours you didn't before!

The books are categorized into:

  • Moral Dilemmas
  • Historic USA
  • The Chinese-American Experience
  • The Golden Years
  • Historic Europe
  • Generational Sagas
  • Page-Turning Nonfiction
  • Books for Younger Readers



A Dozen Uplifting Books for Book Clubs

We love all types of books but sometimes it's time for a read that doesn't weigh us down too heavily, that lifts our spirits and yet reaches beyond melodramatic cliches. They might not always be "happy" books but the journey is uplifting and worthwhile. Here are a dozen fiction and nonfiction recommendations for exactly this type of book - books that are rewarding to read and discuss, that feel good without feeling mushy. It's a fine line to walk but we believe these do so effectively and will add a heartwarming touch to your book club gatherings.


Best Speculative Fiction for Book Clubs

Dear BookBrowsers,

A few weeks ago, the wildly popular website Humans of New York featured an adorable elementary schooler. What stuck with me was her hugely inventive story -- she had created a country called Manizao, she explained, that was between India and China and its president was a girl called Mahava. These intricately plotted stories from childhood are wonderful products from kids who can color outside their boxes and transport themselves to places of wonder and fantasy. The magic of speculative fiction fills such a niche for adults all while spinning a credible yarn. In this special issue, our book club recommendations deliver great stories, speculative fiction that will fire your imagination by asking a very basic and intriguing question: what if?


Top Mysteries for Book Clubs to Read

Dear BookBrowsers,

Do you remember Agatha Christie's meticulously crafted mysteries? For many of us, they were an early grade-school introduction to the genre where we saw that mysteries could be fun and cerebral. While Christie's work might be classic staged whodunnits, because we like to up the ante at BookBrowse, let's take the theme one step further and look at mysteries that are beyond standard-issue quick reads.

Our latest series of recommendations for book clubbers delivers mysteries that both deliver a juicy story and transport you to interesting locales and times to truly broaden your horizons. Even better, they're packed with intriguing themes for you to take apart and dissect at your next meeting; and for a limited time you can read the reviews and "beyond the book" articles for all of them in full. So dive in. Psst, if mysteries are your guilty pleasure, we promise, we won't tell.


The BookBrowse Book Club

We have an incredible lineup of books to discuss over the next couple of months in BookBrowse's Book Club!


Best World War I Books for Book Clubs

This special book club feature highlights books set during WWI - both fiction and nonfiction, to bring you new perspectives on this pivotal world event. We hope these selections will give you much fodder for discussion and debate as you look back on events 100 years ago. And, of course, they also are excellent choices for individual readers, not just book clubs!


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